What to do in Prague- a visit to the Jerusalem synagogue

what to to do in Prague?Discover the hidden sites of Jewish Prague

This week marked the end of Passover  what to do in Prague

to what to do in Prague.WHAT TO DO IN PRAGUE

The exterior -what to do in Prague

Prague boasts of many attractions and therefore what to do in Prague is a very good thought. Some of these attractions are cultural, religious, artistic(old and new), entertainment and others. What to do in Prague is never a problem, Jewish  settlement in Bohemia is as old as the kingdom itself. During the second world-war Jewish property was taken but the synagogues were not destroyed. In Prague alone there are about ten out-standing synagogues of good architecture. What  to do in Prague takes us to one these called the Jerusalem or Jubilee Synagogue. It is called Jerusalem Synagogue because it is located in Jerusalem street. In what to do in Prague the visitor is never bored.

A detail of the Moorish style facade-what to do in Prague
A detail of the Moorish style facade -what to do in Prague

History what to do in Prague

It was built in 1906 during the re-organisation of the Jewish quarters. The former synagogue Zigeuner was demolished and another one built. The new synagogue was called Jubilee Synagogue in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reign of  the Emperor of Austria. In 1918 when Czechoslovakia gained independence for political reasons it was called Jerusalem Synagogue. It was dedicated on 16\09\1916 during the Sunhart Torah festival. What to do in Prague would supply details of this festival.

The Bimah-where the Rabbi faces the congregation-what to do in Prague
The Bimah-where the Rabbi faces the congregation-what to do in Prague

Architecture what to do in Prague

When viewed from this point it is a mixture of Muslim form (Moorish) North Africa and new art. The face of the building is made of a pattern of red and white stones. There is a big horse -shoe arch bearing the star of David. On this is written words from the psalms of the holy bible and some words in the Czech language.       Internally it has three bays .These bays are separated by seven pillars. These pillars also carry the women’s´ gallery. Various sayings in Hebrew from the holy bible are written at different places. Some of the old tablets from the former synagogue are also installed there. Internal lighting is by large beautifully shaped lamps suspended from the top. External lighting into the building is done by large colored glass windows.

Standing in the main part of the interior.
Standing in the main part of the interior.

Other attractions what to do in Prague

The Jerusalem Synagogue has more treasures than any other in the world. Although it is the youngest in Prague it is the largest. With a sitting capacity for 850 people the size is larger than most others. All around the synagogue internally there are various kinds of works of art. Externally it leaves a lasting remembrance because of the way it is decorated. During what to do in Prague the visitor will notice that there are many entrances from the sides into the galleries.   During reconstruction in 1990 richly painted in Austrian style were discovered under the plastering .The front of the interior is decorated paintings of grape-vines. This represents harvest. Above this are tablets carrying the laws given by God to Moses. It is believed that no other synagogue in the world has such treasures.   The synagogue is still used for worship till today. Visitors  to Prague can join if they wish.



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