Prague Tours of St.Wenceslas Church-Prosek

Prague as a city has many tourist attractions.Prague Tours shows you a lot of historical places of different kinds.However during Prague Tours we recommend a visit to a historical church.The location is Prosek about 30 minutes by public transport from Prague Castle.

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It is called St.Wenceslas Church(Kostel Svata Vaclava).It is said that King Boleslav built it in the 11th century when King Wenceslas appeared to him in a dream. According to history the church is older than Prosek as a village.Since the time it was built it has been reconstructed many times.The names of the priests since 1356 are available in the records of the church.

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In the early 14th century the first set of reconstruction took place.The church was however completely destroyed during the religious wars of the early 15th century.In the late 16th century it was again reconstructed from roman architecture to gothic.During the 30years war in czech lands it was completely burnt to the ground.In the late 17th century it was again restored,

Prague Tours takes you through the many reconstructions over the years.In the early 18th century a new alter and tower reflecting many colours were built.These wer later repaired in the 19th and 20th centuries.In addittion to this a room for keeping utensils and dresses for use in the church was built.
This was provided behind the alter.The windows were widened to allow more light.A new bell-tower was provided seperately.Clocks were fixed to the bell-tower.The height of the space in the right part of the church was reduced.A new roof with coverings were provided in the 20th century.The whole interior was also repaired with some adjustment to the walls.Prague Tours would take you round an inspection of the interior.

In 2010 three statues of the Madonna in natural stone were installed.Also general planting of flowers and trees in the compound was done.Prague Tours would enable visitors appreciate the arrangement of the external area.

Next to the church is a cemetry from the middlle 19th century.This cemetry was used for burials during the epidemics and cholera of of the late 19th century.Some notable czech personalities were buried in this cemetry.During this period the cemetry became over-filled.As a result of this a new cemmetry had to be constructed in near-by Čakovice.During Prague Tours one could stop and visit this nice-looking cemetry.

In Prague Tours one can examine the other interesting areas of the compound such as:
-The of St.Nicholas located at the alter and other paintings from the roman times
-The 18th century gate of the cemetry
-New entrance from 1930
-Stone fountain and figures at the place where baptism is done from the 17th century.
-Onion-like tower over the church which was constructed in the 15th century

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