Prague Hotels for the tourist, businessman and others having something to do in the city is a worthwhile experience. It is important to note that Prague Hotels does not mean a chain of hotels or a particular hotel in Prague. Prague Hotels stands for all hotels located in Prague.


Almost all of these hotels are located near not too far from one monument or another. Prague Hotels come in various categories ranging from five-star to the ordinary. Some are located in old buildings with some architectural history. Others are located in buildings with the latest form of architecture. In addition to this, they all offer services comparable to most Western European standards. Our point of interest is the Colloredo -Mansfield Palace. It is about 25mins walk from Rudolfinum and 15mins from Charles Bridge. Located adjacent to the Old Town Square it is surrounded by various Prague Hotels.                                                                                                                                                                                                                History and Architecture

It has a unique location in the most frequented sites of the Old Town Square. It achieved prominence on the foundations of a Romanesque and Gothic built -up area and a Renaissance house. At various times it was the property of different individuals or families. Between 1736-1737 Prince Heinrich Paul von Mansfield-Fondi who at that period was the owner requested that the Palace should be redesigned.The original design was High Baroque. The Palace interiors received their final Neo-Rococo appearance in 1860 by the Auersberg family. In 1900 they further transformed an extensive part of the building.Prague Hotels takes to the luxurious rental house which was part of the modification.


Apart from being linked to various well-known individuals of various eras, it is also linked to various events. Some of these are:

*The last session of the Royal Council of the ˇˇWinter Kingˇˇ Frederick V after the battle of the white mountains.                                                                                         *After the second world war, it was used by the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

Other areas of interest in the building                                                                             *The best-preserved dance hall whose decoration was completed between 1736-1737.                                                                                                                                      *Ceiling frescoes with the assembled Olympian gods.                                                  *The history and the architectonic qualities of the palace.                                          *A unique experience of the spaces filled with the traces of history.                          *Complex relation of modern society to its historical heritage.                                  *Prague Hotels tours highlights the art-historical and architectural qualities of the building.


*Specific atmosphere of the Palace some parts of which has survived in their authentic conditions.                                                                                                          *In connection with the above other spaces affected by modifications in the past and traces of their use at that time.                                                                                 *The results of modifications (historical, artistic) and other restoration researches. *History of the Palace as well as the former owners.                                                     *Social and cultural life of the Palace in the past.                                                           *Cultural exhibitions from various countries that are available in the in the Palace connected to Prague Hotel tours.                                                                                   *The intentions of the Prague City Gallery for its future use associated with Prague Hotel tours.


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