Brutalism in Czech Architecture

Prague hotels of brutalism.Brutalism is an art form involving distortion and exaggeration used to create an effect of massiveness. In architecture, it is the use of large exposed concrete areas without windows to suggest massiveness and strength. It emerged from the modernist architectural movement and flourished from 1950-1970.


It is a form of architecture that cuts across the five continents. In capital cities of Independent Africa, it is one of the landmarks.Prague hotels take to some of the Brutalist Structures in Prague. During the days of Communism, there existed a few of them. However, it must be appreciated that communist ideology cuts across every sphere of endeavour including arts and culture. It is a form of architecture that applied to every sphere of structures (Institutions, Hotels, Museums, Embassies etc). Through Prague hotels, we learn the history behind some of them.                                                                                                                                                    Hotel Praha                                                                                                                               This hotel existed between the years 1981-2014 when it was demolished. Located in Hauspaulce area of Prague about 30 mins by tram from  Prague Castle it was built by the then Communist Regime to accommodate visiting high-level foreign diplomats and Heads of  States.Construction started in 1975 and was completed in 1980. In 1981 it was opened for use During construction some of the best professionals in every area arts and culture of that time participated. After 1989 velvet revolution it was debated whether it should continue to function. some people were in favour of its continuity proposing that it should be made a national monument because it was a symbol of the architecture of its time.Some others were against its continuity. Some of the reasons given were sentimental, political and aesthetics relation to its surrounding.It was eventually sold off and demolished in 2014.                                                                                                                                     Hotel Intercontinental                                                                                                             Prague hotels take us to another interesting brutalist structure named Hotel Intercontinental. It is located in Pařižska Street about 45 mins walk from the famous Charles Bridge. Constructed with typical elements of the brutalist architecture (raw concrete and sturdy rectangular shapes) it is an extensive building. From Prague hotels inspection it could be seen that the main building is of raw concrete and glass windows with ceramic units. The external shape is divided into units of sections along the height of the building so as to rhyme with the surrounding architecture. Between 1992-1995 it was renovated and a garden added to the whole building.                                                                                                             Hotel Olympik Prague                                                                                                             This building is located in the historical Karlin area of Prague. From Prague hotels tour we take about an hour by tram and underground to get there from Hotel Intercontinental Prague. It was built between 1967-1971 and opened to the public in 1973.The building has 21 floors and is 73m high.In 1995 it gutted by fire which resulted in extensive damage. It hosts many conferences and business gatherings.                                                       20160108133832_LfJ68x--c800x509                                                                                                                                       President Hotel                                                                                                                    Prague hotels take us to another impressive site, the President Hotel. The site was originally the former structure which housed the Association of Engineers and Architects in 1927. It is a combination of two objects with different levels. Later the building was completed in monolithic style. Currently, it is one of the most important monuments of the Czech Brutalism of old Prague. During the floods of 2002, it was badly damaged and had to be closed. It was thereafter renovated and modernised. From Prague hotels, we are informed that it was re-opened in 2004  offering luxury and comfort































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