Introduction                                                                                                                        Visitors to the fascinating Prague Castle can stop by another historical and interesting edifice, the Černin Palace. It is about 20mins walk from Prague Castle.


The area adjacent to Prague Castle is serene. Zahrada the Czech word for garden gives the imagination something to think about. What comes to mind is a venture into the unseen and sometimes artistic and cultural creation of sensational delight. Černin Gardens is such a place.It was designed as part of Černin Palace.Total surface area is about 17.1 hectares.After years of neglect, it was eventually renovated.


History                                                                                                                               The palace was designed in 1669 for Humprecht Johann Černin the Imperial Ambassador to Venice.Work commenced in 1693 on the construction of the gardens. Various Architects and Gardners participated in the construction until its completion by the grand-children in 1723. During Prussian wars of the middle of the 18th century, it was badly damaged. It was again restored with some modifications. After this, the owners relocated to Vienna and the entire place was left unoccupied. In the middle of the 19th century, it acquired by the then  Marriage Registry and became a barracks. However, the baroque gardens and the object were restored to its former design. This time another smaller garden was added. In 1928 it was acquired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Other points of interest                                                                                                    A visit to Prague Castle and the surrounding objects of interest are takes us to other parts of interest in the gardens such as

*Two big fountains on the garden grounds constructed in 1693.                                 *Cascading fountain which is smaller in size.                                                                 *Other smaller fountains.                                                                                                 *Two pools and a summer house.                                                                                   *Statue of Hercules from the middle of the 18th century.                                             *Four garden terraces which are decorated by the two pools.                                     *A former frontier stone placed in the garden after the fall of Communism.This stone was used at the Czech-German border.It was given to the Czech Ministry of External Affairs as a symbol of the opening of the borders. A visit to Prague Castle takes us there.                                                                                                                   *The newer part of the garden which has a free composition with groups of trees visible from a high point of the Prague Castle





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