Places of interest in Prague

Places of interest in Prague

Prague Castle, the historic Old Town with its Gothic towers and Baroque palaces, Charles
Bridge, the Jewish Quarter with its world famous Synagogues there  are so many places of interest in Prague. With our free walking tours you can see many unique historical places.

Ourprofessional Englishspeaking tour guide will take you to the most famous places of interest in Prague as well as places not on the typical tourist routes. We offer a free walking tour that can be tailored to your interests so you can see what you want. Our friendly and knowledgeable guide will give you a unique and informative tour of the most beautiful and historical places of interest in Prague.
Whatever your interests; architecture, art, history, Prague legends, Rob will guide you to the
best places of interest in Prague for taking beautiful photos and making great memories. See
the sites you want to visit while getting unique insights from your experienced and
knowledgeable tour guide, Rob. Your tour will be both entertaining and comfortable.

The tour typically lasts 2.5 hours and is on cobbled streets, so appropriate walking shoes are
recommended, however don’t be concerned, families with children and slower walkers don’t
have to worry about keeping up with the rushed pace of a typical group tour. You will see the
best places of interest in Prague while also being able to stop for breaks for the bathroom or
coffee as you wish. On this free walking tour, your comfort and pleasure are our top priorities.

With so many places of interest in Prague, choosing our free walking tour ensures you get the
best experience during your time here. Your highly experienced guide will maximise your
Prague tourist experience by taking you to the most famous places of interest in Prague as well  as hidden gems of art and architecture on a side street or around the corner that standard tours pass by. Prague’s center is a maze of history and art. On this free walking tour, your guide will show you highlights of Prague’s history and architecture and provide in depth information and amusing anecdotes about major attractions such as the famous Astronomical clock on Old Town square as well as little known places of interest in Prague.
Our English language guide has been giving tours in Prague for over ten years and knows all
the places of interest in Prague that will delight and inspire you. You will see the art and
architecture and hear fascinating stories from Prague’s many eras; from Medieval to Art Deco
and Nouveau to Soviet to Modern. Visit the best places of interest in Prague, one of Europe’s
most historic cities. Your guide on this free walking tour, Rob, is passionate and knowledgeable,friendly and accommodating. Your enjoyment is our top priority. If you enjoy your free walking  tour, your guide will greatly appreciate your tips. Once you experience your specialized tour of the best places of interest in Prague, we are confident you will want to show your appreciation for your expert guide. With us you can have a tour like no other.
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