Parachutist assassination of Heydrich

On Prague tours we come across the marks left by the various world wars over the centuries.These could be seen on Prague tours in different places.Of particular interest during Prague tours is the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.Heydrich was head of the Nazi Main Security Office.He was appointed head of the German protectorate government of Czechoslovakia in 1938.This when Czechoslovakia was declared a protectorate by Hitler.

Prague tours, church of Cyril and Methedius

The relationship between the Czechs and the Germans is traditional and dates back to as far as the 9th century.Each nation had minority groups in each other´s territory.The attitude of Hitler therefore was not to destroy the country but to take from it material things.Furthermore the position of Czechoslovakia in Europe was central and strategic.Hitler wanted to show his authority without resistance from the people.

Operation Anthropoid

The word anthropoid is Greek and means like human.The aim was to weaken the confidence of the Germans who seemed to assume that they were invisible.This was to be achieved by the assassination of the of the German appointed head of state.Such actions was common throughout Europe in countries occupied by the Germans.Anthropoid was planned in London. The Czech government-in-exile headed by Beneš approved it.Two Czech parachutists Gabčíck and Kubiš were chosen and trained in England for the operation.They arrived in Prague and contacted members of the resistance group.Prague tours takes us to Bulovka where the operation took place.An attempt to shoot down Heydrich in his car failed and a grenade was thrown into the car wounding the driver,Heydrich and attackers.The attackers and the attacked were seriously wounded but did not die.Heydrich was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment but despite expert care died after one week.The attackers however escaped.


Prague tours, church of Cyril and Methedius

The Church                                                                                                                       Prague tours takes us to the Baroque Church in Resslova Street in Prague.                The church is about 45mins walk from Charles Bridge.Built in the 1st half of the 18th century it was abolished as a place of worship and became military barracks In the 19th century it was used by the Czech Technical University.In 1935 the Czechoslovakian Orthodox Church restored it as place of worship.They the renamed it as THE CHURCH OF CYRIL AND METHODIUS.Incidentally Saints Cyril and Methodius were Greek missionaries who brought Christianity into Czech lands in the 9th century.

Result of the attack                                                                                                         It was in this church that the attackers found refuge after various habitations.The Germans put the whole nation under pressure to release the hide-out of the attackers.After many deaths and executions a member of the resistance group betrayed the hide-out to the Germans.There was a brutal attempt to capture the attackers alive .A fierce battle followed.The attackers who had only pistols had hidden themselves in the upper gallery of the church.In addition to guns the Germans used other means to make them surrender.After running out of ammunition,out-gunned and out-numbered they committed suicide.Their bodies were identified by the traitor.

Prague tours, church of Cyril and Methedius


During the battle some German soldiers were killed and others injured.The Germans then proceeded to brutalize and assassinate anything that was connected with planners of the operation.In all about 10000 people were murdered at various times and in various places.In addition to this the villages of Lidice and Ležaky associated with the attackers were levelled . To limit the level of German brutality the Bishop of the church claimed responsibility for harbouring the attackers.He was shot along with other members of the church.After the war he was martyred.In 1947 the traitor was put on trial and hanged.Prague tours takes us to the various memorials for victims of German brutality.

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