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Prague hotels in Mala Strana

Second, only to Hradčany in views and atmosphere, Mala Strana is filled with inspiring and exciting inns, pensions and hotels. These are easily accessible from anywhere in the city. From Prague hotels and attractions it is easy to walk through them after a long day out.                                                                                                 Mala Strana is just a stroll across the Charles Bridge with all the entertainments of the Old Town. Prague hotels and attraction clearly shows us that although the district attracts a large number of visitors the setting has not changed from the way it was centuries ago. They have not been affected by modern changes and renovations.

History                                                                                                                                From Prague hotels and attractions we learn about the historical development of the district dating back to 1257 when it was founded. Mala Strana was founded by the unification of a number of settlements below the Prague Castle under one umbrella. The original inhabitants of these settlements were German craftsmen invited by the king. Although the city was royal the King did not have control over all of it. In the second part of the 14th century, Mala Strana was extended by the King and Emperor who built a defensive wall around it called the Hunger Wall. During the religious wars of 1419-1420, it was burnt down. This necessitated some renovations. However, in 1541 it was again destroyed by fire.

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Baroque Architecture predominates in Mala Strana but the history of the district dates back to far before the Baroque era.The baroque style of architecture became dominant after the 1541 fire.From Prague hotels and attractions we see that after the Baroque era, development was in the direction of the Renaissance style. Many Palaces of nobilities were built there.

Location                                                                                                                              Mala Strana (Lesser Town) derives the name from its position on the left(west) side of the river Vltava on the slopes just below the Prague Castle. This is in opposition to the larger Towns of Prague on the right bank to which it is joined by Charles Bridge. The district was originally called the New Town beneath the Prague Castle after 1257 when it was founded. When the King and Emperor Charles the IV founded the New Town in 1348 it was renamed Lesser Town of Prague.In the 17th century, the unofficial name Little Quarter was first used. All these we learn from Prague hotels and attractions.

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Hotel Accommodation                                                                                                     During Prague hotels and attraction we are able to visit a  number of cosy hotel accommodations in the district.

1. Hotel Hoffmeister. Pod Bruskou 7

A good option for those more interested in exploring romantic Prague than in business. The lobby and rooms are filled with original works by the artist Adolf Hoffmeister who is also the father of the present owner. It has a superb wine bar with a good selection of International and Moravian wines.

2.Blue Key Hotel. Letenska 14.Prague 1

It is a 14th century Town House. The rooms are fitted with moderate Italian furniture. Most of the rooms are fitted with a kitchenette. Thre is an option of having a room facing the courtyard or overlooking the street.

3.Hotel Sax. Jansky Vršek 328|3 Prague 1                                                                          Located up the hill from Malostranské Naměstí, it is a good choice for those who want to be in quieter environments. It is well equipped.The food and wines are commendable

4. Hotel Pod Věži. Mostecka 2. Prague 1                                                                            This is a good option for those who want to be in the thick of  Mala Strana. It just a few minutes walks from Charles Bridge. The rooms are very luxurious. It prides itself as a retreat place for the visitor.

5.Kampa Hotel. Všehrdova 16. Prague 1

It is located on a quiet backstreet in Mala Strana.The architecture is 17th-century style through recent renovations. The rooms are elegantly arranged. There is a vaulted-knight Hall with the outdoor garden restaurant.

6. Hotel U Pava. U Lužiskeho Seminaře 32. Prague 1                                                        Located in a serene corner of  Mala Strana with a refreshing environment it is gives the appearance of good rest. Some suites have views to the Castle. The ceilings are dark oak with chandeliers.

7. Hotel Na Kampě 15. Na Kampě 15. Prague 1                                                                  Prague hotels and attractions take us to another enchanting architecture.This newish venture affords the views of Charles Bridge and Old Town yet it is far enough to provide the peace and quiet. It was a 15th-century tavern that used to brew one of the cityˇs pioneering brands of beers. The cellar restaurant and back beer garden have a varied menu with assorted Czech and French wines.
















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